Batik Workshops

Explore the process of Batik or Shibori and make your own creative patterns and designs in our classes. Participants will be able to practice and try multiple methods of each technique. At the end, you will take home your own personalized Batik Boutique product. Classes take place at our studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, or contact us for a virtual class.


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  batik workshops by Batik Boutique in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiabatik workshops by Batik Boutique in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiagroup batik workshops by Batik Boutique in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Here's what our clients say:

What a phenomenal experience! Amy and the staff are amazing! The mission of the business is awesome and the product quality is unmatched. Must visit! - Dan H.

One is able to feel the old Malay welcome from the beginning of contact here. Azizan patiently answered my many questions, Syirah welcomed me at the door and offered me a drink and to catch my breath before introducing me to wonderful teacher for 2 days Serena. I must recommend my awesome young teacher. She kept sessions very relaxed yet very informative and fun. I had a great time learning how to do batik stamping, drawing with tjanting, painting with the dyes & washing process. Im so happy all my questions got answered and I got to make a nice things. The heart behind the work they do is lovely and heartwarming to know that many local ladies are being helped along the way as we make purchases. Definitely recommend the workshops and beautifully done products as gifts to self & others. - Farah Ariff

A super fun way to spend an evening with a bunch of friends learning the 'how tos' of batik. The staff are professional, the environment is inviting and it was a great 'hands on experience'. Looking for some truly Malaysian culture, this is it! - Cinta