The Yuna Collection

Special Products

International superstar Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna has collaborated with the Batik Boutique on The Yuna Collection. Her Malaysian roots together with her passion for strengthening others through fair trade inspired her support of the beautiful, hand-crafted Malaysian art form of batik. Together we are honored to be promoting this age-old Malaysian cultural heritage, hand-dyed by local Malaysian artisans that give back to the community, empower women and keep the Malaysian batik industry thriving by providing sustainable income. 

Special Products

Batik is an ancient art form on cloth using a wax-resistant dyeing technique in which a pattern is drawn or stamped in wax before the fabric is hand-dyed. Each of our products is handmade using this ancient technique. As a social enterprise, the focus of our business is to help the community in Malaysia by supporting local artisans, assuming accountability of both our social and environmental impact and promoting ethical, fair trade.
So take your time as you look through our pages and enjoy the Batik Boutique experience.

About Us


At the Batik Boutique, people matter most.  Our products start with family-run businesses in rural Malaysia where batik textiles are created by hand.  We deliver this fabric to women who sew in their homes or in our sewing training center.  Our artisans are highlighted here and in social media: with their skills, dreams, and aspirations.  Finally, we ship our products to you, who by your purchase make a difference in all of our artisan's lives.  

The Batik Boutique has been using hand-dyed textiles to impact the community in Malaysia since 2010. 

As a fair-trade business, The Batik Boutique makes a difference in people’s lives by:

  • Producing Hand-dyed Textiles: Incorporating textiles hand-dyed by local artisans.
  • Empowering Women: Employing single moms, those struggling to make ends meet, and others seeking financial opportunity for their sewing skills.
  • Benefitting the Community: Contributing to the practical needs of those around them and giving a portion of proceeds directly to community needs.