Batik is an ancient art that has been practiced for 2,000 years in Southeast Asia. The process uses dye-resistant wax to create elaborate patterns and designs, and the wax is then washed to reveal the batik pattern or the process is repeated to create multiple colors.  

This complex dyeing process includes painting (cat) and stamping (cop) on a fabric using a mixture of beeswax and resin. Each stamp is hand-made, and batik artisans create repeating patterns with a single stamp. Painting designs are done using a canting, a pen-like instrument that draws the hot wax onto the fabric. Then, the dye is painted on the fabric, soaked in fixative and boiled to remove the wax and reveal the original fabric color along with the new layers of design. You can tell a piece is truly batik when the colors and the design are on both sides of the fabric, whereas screen printing would be one-sided.  

The Batik Boutique works with family businesses and batik artisans in Malaysia to supply our fabrics and all of our batik fashion products use these hand-dyed textiles.