New eco-friendly line from The Batik Boutique

The Batik Boutique today released a new eco-friendly collection of hand-made products using only locally sourced, plant-based dyes. The collection includes scarves, clutches and jewelry rolls made by Malaysian artisans.

The collection is inspired by the natural beauty of Malaysia, from the leaves of the mangosteen to the texture of turmeric. These products are now available online at www.thebatikboutique.com and in select stores around Kuala Lumpur.  

The eco-friendly collection includes 100% silk scarves, a three-way fold over clutch, and silk and leather jewelry rolls. Photos of the products are included below.

“Our products are for the woman who loves fashion and is conscious of the environmental impacts of fashion,” said Amy Blair, founder and CEO of The Batik Boutique. “The natural dyes produced beautiful colors inspired by nature, and reduce the environmental impacts of the dyeing process. Each product is made locally, by women whose stories we will continue to invest in. And each product you purchase, gives her another opportunity to tell a story she can be proud of.”

The Batik Boutique is a social enterprise in Malaysia that gives women in poverty job training and a sustainable and fair income. Artisans at the Batik Boutique produce high quality, fair trade fashion products and gifts, using textiles dyed with traditional techniques.

For more information on the eco-friendly collection, visit www.thebatikboutique.com.

Turmeric scarf, clutch and jewelry roll from the Eco Collection - Batik Boutique

Mangosteen scarf, clutch and jewelry roll from the Eco Collection - Batik Boutique

Modeling Mangosteen 3-way clutch and scarf from the Batik Boutique's new Eco Collection

Modeling Tumeric Scarf and 3-way Clutch from the Batik Boutique's new Eco Collection