Batik Boutique launches Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

Social enterprise The Batik Boutique today launched its Fall/Winter 2015 collection of hand-made Malaysian fashion and gifts. The collection includes best sellers like infinity scarves, eco-friendly products using plant-based dyes, and a newly designed jewelry roll.

“We carefully handpicked the best batik stamps and motifs from traditional artisan designs and hand-dyed gorgeous textiles in rich hues and classic Fall/Winter color schemes,” said Amy Blair, founder and CEO of The Batik Boutique.

The collection includes everyday favorites like cotton infinity scarves perfect for fall and winter layering, seasonal table runners and placemats for any holiday gathering. Also released in the Fall/Winter collection is a new line of eco-friendly products, all hand-dyed with locally sourced plant dyes, which includes 100% hand-dyed silk scarves and clutches and jewelry rolls lined with satin and framed in leather.

Mangosteen dyed scarf, jewelry roll and 3-way clutch from The Batik Boutique's Fall/Winter Collection

Fall/Winter Scarves from the Batik Boutique