Meet the Team

Amy Blair, Founder & CEO

Amy Blair founded the Batik Boutique in 2013 with a vision to provide sustainable skills training and jobs to women in Malaysia. Prior to starting the Batik Boutique, Amy worked in international tourism, serving as a consultant to several international businesses. When she's not dreaming up new products and partnerships, Amy spends her free time with her husband and two children exploring the beautiful region of southeast Asia.

Ryan Blair, Director of Development

Ryan Blair joined the Batik Boutique full-time in 2015. Ryan's degree in Industrial Engineering and his Masters in Business Administration serve him well as he overseas partnerships, new projects, accounting, and other business operations.  He also dabbles in dyeing, especially Indigo.  When he's not at the office, Ryan can be found rough-housing with his two sons and enjoying life with his wife, Amy.

Silvie Hosea, Business Relations Manager

Silvie joined the Batik Boutique in 2015. Her degrees in Managerial Psychology and Fashion and Retail make her the perfect fit for her role as business relations manager. Silvie manages an international portfolio of customers and inventory and is the point-person for corporate orders. Silvie's favorite thing about working at the Batik Boutique is swapping stories with the artisans and seamstresses she gets to work with.  

Kylin Kwan, Production Manager

Kylin graduated from RMIT University, Melbourne and joined the team in 2015. She is responsible for ensuring quality and timely production across our collections. Working closely with our artisans, Kylin puts her degree in Fashion and Textile Merchandising to good use. She loves training our seamstresses on new techniques and is constantly scheming up ways to hire and train more women. When she's not perfecting production, Kylin can be found exploring the city with her dog, Chow Min, or hatching travel plans.

Serena Lim, Production Specialist

Serena joined The Batik Boutique as a Production Specialist in 2016. Her role is to train and assist beneficiaries with their sewing and pattern-making skills. Serena carries a Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology from Vancouver, Canada. Malaysia is home for her and she hopes to be able to continue growing and empowering people here in the years to come.


Laia Enrich, Project Manager

Laia joined The Batik Boutique in 2016, first as a visiting fellow, continuing with us full-time. Originally from Barcelona, she worked for 7+ years in marketing and advertising both in Spain and the UK. She holds a B.A. in Audiovisual Communication and she’s currently finishing her Masters Degree in Digital Marketing and e-Commerce. At the Batik Boutique, Laia coordinates marketing and sales by identifying new opportunities and sharing our story.


Syira Junaidi, Administration Specialist

Having just graduated from IIUM Gombak with a degree in psychology, minoring in marketing, Syira joined the team in September 2016. Her role is to assist administration tasks, and help the marketing and sales team. She loves to tell stories about the products and beneficiaries and hope to develop more channels to empower them.