Corporate Apparel

We specialize in high-quality customisable garments for uniforms, apparel, scarfs, etc. By partnering with us, you’re backed by excellent communication, design, project management, and logistical support. And our in-house design team will work with you to design exactly what you want. We will deliver your order on time and within budget.  

When you procure uniforms or other corporate merchandise, don't purchase from just anyone. Purchase from a company where your order makes a difference in tangibly improving the lives of artisans. You'll create a story that your employees will be proud of being a part of. 

We will send you an impact report for each order, showing the people that made these products, and the labor of love that went into each handcrafted item. So when you wear a hand-dyed shirt, a silk scarf, or a custom face mask, you and your colleagues can feel good about your purchase. Together we can do good.

Would you like to have custom face masks for your company? We can customize colors, add brand labels, customize the packaging, etc. Contact our sales team to schedule a conversation about how we can support your marketing strategy. 

Need a custom quote? Let's connect.  We will respond to you within 1 business day.